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Our Approach to Career Management

We encourage our staff to build long term career with the Group. This can be achieved by developing in the existing role, progressing to new roles, new departments or businesses and to new countries. As an individual, the management of your career is in your own hands, with the support and guidance from your line managers and HR.

Our Management Principles

BNP Paribas has defined four management principles which guide and inspire our managers the world over: Client Focus, Risk-Aware Entrepreneurship, People Care, Lead by Example. All of our employees benefit from better management as a result.

Our Core Values

BNP Paribas has developed a set of values that express some of the fundamentals of the organisation. Our core values are Commitment, Creativity, Ambition and Responsiveness.

As employees of BNP Paribas, we are committed to the service of our customers, treating our staff with respect, and to ethical standards and guidelines. We value insight from client and employee engagement surveys.

We see success as something that is obtained within the team. To be creative is to encourage new initiatives and ideas, and to recognise the contributions of the team members. To be ambitious is to show aspiration for challenges and leadership.

The organisation at large and our employees need to be able to adapt to the shifting demands of a changing world. To be responsive is to show efficiency in decision making and action, and to show speed in the assessment of opportunities and risks.

Encouraging Diversity

Our belief is that diversity is a powerful tool for driving success and innovation. We value it and are proactively committed to supporting it, both within our organisation and within the society as a whole. The depth of diversity of our employees is the result of a recruitment process based on non-discrimination and equal opportunity principles.

The Group aims to have a high level of trust with its employees, based on responsible recruitment and sound career management. In addition, training is a focus and is designed to support employees’ professional development.

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